Home Movers From California

All our movers are licensed, insured and trained to handle your possessions safely throughout your entire move. For a superior moving experience, The Moving and Storage Experts is the company to trust. At The Moving and Storage Experts, we’re known for providing the best moving services possible without any hassle.

Contact us to learn more about our services, and be sure to ask for a moving estimate. Whether it be a local, long-distance, or commercial move, we are prepared to handle any relocation.

In fact, you can see what your neighbors in California have to say about us! Contact us today for a free no-obligation price quote! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is the stress that comes from moving! So contact us today for a free no-obligation moving quote and to learn how we can help you on your next move! When you want a crew of careful yet enthusiastic movers, The Moving and Storage Experts is the locally-owned company to call on.

Our California movers are ready to make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible.

Whether you are moving to California for the family-friendly parks or the beautiful scenery, The Moving and Storage Experts can help make your relocation stress-free.

Moving to a new area, even an area as beautiful as California, can be a stressful experience.

If you are considering a move to this community, The Moving and Storage Experts is here to help! Our moving company specializes in local, long-distance, and commercial moves to, from, and within California.

California movers can get you to this family-oriented town on your schedule with no hassles.

Our moving company specializes in long distance and commercial moves to and from California.

At The Moving and Storage Experts, we are so confident in our services that we are the only moving company in California to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers.

After all, many movers are held to low standards. Our moving company specializes in long-distance and commercial moves to or from California.

Below are the most common home movers that our California moving specialists serve.

  • movers/California/Acton/home-movers-Acton.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Acton

    Are you searching for a reliable moving company that operates in Acton area? The Moving and Storage Experts provides cost-effective solutions for your needs.

  • movers/California/Agoura-Hills/home-movers-Agoura-Hills.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Agoura Hills

    Our moving professionals know the area of Agoura Hills and the relocation process very well. So, they will be able to do the great job for you on your move day.

  • movers/California/Alhambra/home-movers-Alhambra.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Alhambra

    Do you need assistance with relocation in Alhambra? If so, consider moving and storage services provided by The Moving and Storage Experts.

  • movers/California/Altadena/home-movers-Altadena.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Altadena

    We provide high quality moving and storage services in the Altadena area.

  • movers/California/Anaheim/home-movers-Anaheim.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Anaheim

    The relocation process can be hard. The help of professional movers in Anaheim is immeasurable in the moving process.

  • movers/California/Arcadia/home-movers-Arcadia.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Arcadia

    We at The Moving and Storage Experts would be happy to help you make your relocation process simple!

  • movers/California/Artesia/home-movers-Artesia.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Artesia

    Would you like to hire highly professional movers in the Artesia area?

  • movers/California/Azusa/home-movers-Azusa.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Azusa

    We would be happy to provide you with everything you need for a successful home movers.

  • movers/California/Baldwin-Park/home-movers-Baldwin-Park.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Baldwin Park

    The Moving and Storage Experts is a full-service moving company in the area of Baldwin Park.

  • movers/California/Bell/home-movers-Bell.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Bell

    The Moving and Storage Experts is the answer! Our professional movers in Bell will provide you with stress-free moving experience.

  • movers/California/Bell-Gardens/home-movers-Bell-Gardens.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Bell Gardens

    Are you looking for the best movers who operate in the Bell Gardens?

  • movers/California/Bellflower/home-movers-Bellflower.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Bellflower

    Do you need to move in or out Bellflower? We can help you! Our professional movers in Bellflower can assist you with a move of any type and size.

  • movers/California/Beverly-Hills/home-movers-Beverly-Hills.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Beverly Hills

    Also, we provide you with storage facilities for your moving needs.

  • movers/California/Brandeis/home-movers-Brandeis.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Brandeis

    Our skilled movers in Brandeis can help you handle all types of moving tasks including loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, transportation, etc.

  • movers/California/Brea/home-movers-Brea.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Brea

    We have everything you need to relocate successfully to Brea.

  • movers/California/Buena-Park/home-movers-Buena-Park.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Buena Park

    Whether you are looking for short distance and long distance movers in Buena Park, you can call us anytime.

  • movers/California/Burbank/home-movers-Burbank.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Burbank

    At The Moving and Storage Experts, we offer cost-effective solutions that meet your relocation requirements and fit your budget in the best possible way.

  • movers/California/Calabasas/home-movers-Calabasas.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Calabasas

    We are moving help service providers in the Calabasas area.

  • movers/California/Camarillo/home-movers-Camarillo.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Camarillo

    Our movers in Camarillo are always happy to provide cost-effective solutions for any of your residential and moving companies near me needs.

  • movers/California/Canoga-Park/home-movers-Canoga-Park.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Canoga Park

    Do you need professional moving help in the Canoga Park area?

  • movers/California/Canyon-Country/home-movers-Canyon-Country.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Canyon Country

    We are highly trained and fully equipped to do residential and commercial moves.

  • movers/California/Carson/home-movers-Carson.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Carson

    The Moving and Storage Experts is a team of highly qualified movers in Carson and its surrounding areas.

  • movers/California/Castaic/home-movers-Castaic.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Castaic

    With The Moving and Storage Experts, you will find it easy to relocate from any part of Castaic!

  • movers/California/Cerritos/home-movers-Cerritos.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Cerritos

    At The Moving and Storage Experts, we are always happy to provide you with a stress-free moving experience.

  • movers/California/Chatsworth/home-movers-Chatsworth.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Chatsworth

    Our skilled Chatsworth Movers are always looking forward to assisting you with any of your moving needs.

  • movers/California/City-Of-Industry/home-movers-City-Of-Industry.aspx'>

    Home Movers From City Of Industry

    The Moving and Storage Experts can proudly boast of its dedicated team of City Of Industry movers.

  • movers/California/Compton/home-movers-Compton.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Compton

    The Moving and Storage Experts is the perfect choice for those, who are looking for movers in Compton.

  • movers/California/Corona-Del-Mar/home-movers-Corona-Del-Mar.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Corona Del Mar

    Are you planning to relocate to or from Corona Del Mar? Contact us to get the moving tasks done quickly and professionally!

  • movers/California/Costa-Mesa/home-movers-Costa-Mesa.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Costa Mesa

    The Moving and Storage Experts has recommended itself as one of the best moving companies that operate in the area of Costa Mesa.

  • movers/California/Covina/home-movers-Covina.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Covina

    Are you looking for movers, who can help you relocate from or to the area of Covina? Ask our movers for help.

  • movers/California/Culver-City/home-movers-Culver-City.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Culver City

    For many years, we have helped the residents of the Culver City area with their moving needs.

  • movers/California/Cypress/home-movers-Cypress.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Cypress

    Are you looking to hire reliable Cypress movers? The Moving and Storage Experts is the answer!

  • movers/California/Downey/home-movers-Downey.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Downey

    Our highly skilled movers in Downey are always at your disposal!

  • movers/California/Duarte/home-movers-Duarte.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Duarte

    If you are looking for a moving company that offers a full range of moving services in the Duarte area, our movers are worth hiring.

  • movers/California/Edwards/home-movers-Edwards.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Edwards

    Thinking of moving in or out of the area of Edwards? Our professional movers are here to help!

  • movers/California/El-Monte/home-movers-El-Monte.aspx'>

    Home Movers From El Monte

    Would you like to hire movers, who can help you relocate to or from the city of El Monte? Contact us anytime!

  • movers/California/El-Segundo/home-movers-El-Segundo.aspx'>

    Home Movers From El Segundo

    We have a team of movers that work in El Segundo and its surrounding areas.

  • movers/California/Encino/home-movers-Encino.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Encino

    Do you need to move in or out of the city of Encino? Our movers are always ready to help!

  • movers/California/Fillmore/home-movers-Fillmore.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Fillmore

    Are you looking for movers, who operate in the city of Fillmore? Take advantage of our moving services!

  • movers/California/Fountain-Valley/home-movers-Fountain-Valley.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Fountain Valley

    Our highly experienced Fountain Valley movers would be happy to help you with any of your residential and moving companies near me needs.

  • movers/California/Frazier-Park/home-movers-Frazier-Park.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Frazier Park

    At The Moving and Storage Experts, we are always happy to provide the residents of Frazier Park with affordable moving and storage services.

  • movers/California/Fullerton/home-movers-Fullerton.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Fullerton

    No matter why you have decided to relocate to the city of Fullerton, you can always ask our movers to get the job done in the best possible way.

  • movers/California/Garden-Grove/home-movers-Garden-Grove.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Garden Grove

    Your moving to-do list might seem unending, but our Garden Grove movers are here to give you peace of mind.

  • movers/California/Gardena/home-movers-Gardena.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Gardena

    Your move deserves careful attention and priority.

  • movers/California/Glendale/home-movers-Glendale.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Glendale

    You’re sure to love life in Glendale.

  • movers/California/Granada-Hills/home-movers-Granada-Hills.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Granada Hills

    You’ll find The Moving and Storage Experts ready to transport your precious possessions professionally, promptly, safely, and affordably with no stress.

  • movers/California/Hacienda-Heights/home-movers-Hacienda-Heights.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Hacienda Heights

    You won’t have to worry about needing to give a new set of movers instructions on which items are fragile.

  • movers/California/Harbor-City/home-movers-Harbor-City.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Harbor City

    You will also notice that our Harbor City movers strive to save you time and money by providing fast and efficient service.

  • movers/California/Hawaiian-Gardens/home-movers-Hawaiian-Gardens.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Hawaiian Gardens

    You might notice other Hawaiian Gardens movers moving slowly and wasting time.

  • movers/California/Hawthorne/home-movers-Hawthorne.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Hawthorne

  • movers/California/Hermosa-Beach/home-movers-Hermosa-Beach.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Hermosa Beach

  • movers/California/Huntington-Beach/home-movers-Huntington-Beach.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Huntington Beach

  • movers/California/Huntington-Park/home-movers-Huntington-Park.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Huntington Park

  • movers/California/Inglewood/home-movers-Inglewood.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Inglewood

  • movers/California/La-Canada-Flintridge/home-movers-La-Canada-Flintridge.aspx'>

    Home Movers From La Canada Flintridge

  • movers/California/La-Crescenta/home-movers-La-Crescenta.aspx'>

    Home Movers From La Crescenta

  • movers/California/La-Habra/home-movers-La-Habra.aspx'>

    Home Movers From La Habra

  • movers/California/La-Mirada/home-movers-La-Mirada.aspx'>

    Home Movers From La Mirada

  • movers/California/La-Palma/home-movers-La-Palma.aspx'>

    Home Movers From La Palma

  • movers/California/La-Puente/home-movers-La-Puente.aspx'>

    Home Movers From La Puente

  • movers/California/Lake-Hughes/home-movers-Lake-Hughes.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Lake Hughes

  • movers/California/Lakewood/home-movers-Lakewood.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Lakewood

  • movers/California/Lancaster/home-movers-Lancaster.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Lancaster

  • movers/California/Lawndale/home-movers-Lawndale.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Lawndale

  • movers/California/Lebec/home-movers-Lebec.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Lebec

  • movers/California/Littlerock/home-movers-Littlerock.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Littlerock

  • movers/California/Lomita/home-movers-Lomita.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Lomita

  • movers/California/Long-Beach/home-movers-Long-Beach.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Long Beach

  • movers/California/Los-Alamitos/home-movers-Los-Alamitos.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Los Alamitos

  • movers/California/Los-Angeles/home-movers-Los-Angeles.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Los Angeles

  • movers/California/Lynwood/home-movers-Lynwood.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Lynwood

  • movers/California/Malibu/home-movers-Malibu.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Malibu

  • movers/California/Manhattan-Beach/home-movers-Manhattan-Beach.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Manhattan Beach

  • movers/California/Marina-Del-Rey/home-movers-Marina-Del-Rey.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Marina Del Rey

  • movers/California/Maywood/home-movers-Maywood.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Maywood

  • movers/California/Midway-City/home-movers-Midway-City.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Midway City

  • movers/California/Mission-Hills/home-movers-Mission-Hills.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Mission Hills

  • movers/California/Monrovia/home-movers-Monrovia.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Monrovia

  • movers/California/Montebello/home-movers-Montebello.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Montebello

  • movers/California/Monterey-Park/home-movers-Monterey-Park.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Monterey Park

  • movers/California/Montrose/home-movers-Montrose.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Montrose

  • movers/California/Moorpark/home-movers-Moorpark.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Moorpark

  • movers/California/Mount-Wilson/home-movers-Mount-Wilson.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Mount Wilson

  • movers/California/Newbury-Park/home-movers-Newbury-Park.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Newbury Park

  • movers/California/Newhall/home-movers-Newhall.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Newhall

  • movers/California/Newport-Beach/home-movers-Newport-Beach.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Newport Beach

  • movers/California/North-Hills/home-movers-North-Hills.aspx'>

    Home Movers From North Hills

  • movers/California/North-Hollywood/home-movers-North-Hollywood.aspx'>

    Home Movers From North Hollywood

  • movers/California/Northridge/home-movers-Northridge.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Northridge

  • movers/California/Norwalk/home-movers-Norwalk.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Norwalk

  • movers/California/Oak-Park/home-movers-Oak-Park.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Oak Park

  • movers/California/Oak-View/home-movers-Oak-View.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Oak View

  • movers/California/Ojai/home-movers-Ojai.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Ojai

  • movers/California/Orange/home-movers-Orange.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Orange

  • movers/California/Oxnard/home-movers-Oxnard.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Oxnard

  • movers/California/Pacific-Palisades/home-movers-Pacific-Palisades.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Pacific Palisades

  • movers/California/Pacoima/home-movers-Pacoima.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Pacoima

  • movers/California/Palmdale/home-movers-Palmdale.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Palmdale

  • movers/California/Palos-Verdes-Peninsula/home-movers-Palos-Verdes-Peninsula.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Palos Verdes Peninsula

  • movers/California/Panorama-City/home-movers-Panorama-City.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Panorama City

  • movers/California/Paramount/home-movers-Paramount.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Paramount

  • movers/California/Pasadena/home-movers-Pasadena.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Pasadena

  • movers/California/Pearblossom/home-movers-Pearblossom.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Pearblossom

  • movers/California/Pico-Rivera/home-movers-Pico-Rivera.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Pico Rivera

  • movers/California/Piru/home-movers-Piru.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Piru

  • movers/California/Playa-Del-Rey/home-movers-Playa-Del-Rey.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Playa Del Rey

  • movers/California/Point-Mugu-Nawc/home-movers-Point-Mugu-Nawc.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Point Mugu Nawc

  • movers/California/Port-Hueneme/home-movers-Port-Hueneme.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Port Hueneme

  • movers/California/Port-Hueneme-Cbc-Base/home-movers-Port-Hueneme-Cbc-Base.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Port Hueneme Cbc Base

  • movers/California/Rancho-Palos-Verdes/home-movers-Rancho-Palos-Verdes.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Rancho Palos Verdes

  • movers/California/Redondo-Beach/home-movers-Redondo-Beach.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Redondo Beach

  • movers/California/Reseda/home-movers-Reseda.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Reseda

  • movers/California/Rosamond/home-movers-Rosamond.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Rosamond

  • movers/California/Rosemead/home-movers-Rosemead.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Rosemead

  • movers/California/Rowland-Heights/home-movers-Rowland-Heights.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Rowland Heights

  • movers/California/San-Fernando/home-movers-San-Fernando.aspx'>

    Home Movers From San Fernando

  • movers/California/San-Gabriel/home-movers-San-Gabriel.aspx'>

    Home Movers From San Gabriel

  • movers/California/San-Marino/home-movers-San-Marino.aspx'>

    Home Movers From San Marino

  • movers/California/San-Pedro/home-movers-San-Pedro.aspx'>

    Home Movers From San Pedro

  • movers/California/Santa-Ana/home-movers-Santa-Ana.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Santa Ana

  • movers/California/Santa-Clarita/home-movers-Santa-Clarita.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Santa Clarita

  • movers/California/Santa-Fe-Springs/home-movers-Santa-Fe-Springs.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Santa Fe Springs

  • movers/California/Santa-Monica/home-movers-Santa-Monica.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Santa Monica

  • movers/California/Santa-Paula/home-movers-Santa-Paula.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Santa Paula

  • movers/California/Seal-Beach/home-movers-Seal-Beach.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Seal Beach

  • movers/California/Sherman-Oaks/home-movers-Sherman-Oaks.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Sherman Oaks

  • movers/California/Sierra-Madre/home-movers-Sierra-Madre.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Sierra Madre

  • movers/California/Simi-Valley/home-movers-Simi-Valley.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Simi Valley

  • movers/California/Somis/home-movers-Somis.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Somis

  • movers/California/South-El-Monte/home-movers-South-El-Monte.aspx'>

    Home Movers From South El Monte

  • movers/California/South-Gate/home-movers-South-Gate.aspx'>

    Home Movers From South Gate

  • movers/California/South-Pasadena/home-movers-South-Pasadena.aspx'>

    Home Movers From South Pasadena

  • movers/California/Stanton/home-movers-Stanton.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Stanton

  • movers/California/Stevenson-Ranch/home-movers-Stevenson-Ranch.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Stevenson Ranch

  • movers/California/Studio-City/home-movers-Studio-City.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Studio City

  • movers/California/Sun-Valley/home-movers-Sun-Valley.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Sun Valley

  • movers/California/Sunland/home-movers-Sunland.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Sunland

  • movers/California/Sunset-Beach/home-movers-Sunset-Beach.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Sunset Beach

  • movers/California/Surfside/home-movers-Surfside.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Surfside

  • movers/California/Sylmar/home-movers-Sylmar.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Sylmar

  • movers/California/Tarzana/home-movers-Tarzana.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Tarzana

  • movers/California/Temple-City/home-movers-Temple-City.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Temple City

  • movers/California/Thousand-Oaks/home-movers-Thousand-Oaks.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Thousand Oaks

  • movers/California/Toluca-Lake/home-movers-Toluca-Lake.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Toluca Lake

  • movers/California/Topanga/home-movers-Topanga.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Topanga

  • movers/California/Torrance/home-movers-Torrance.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Torrance

  • movers/California/Tujunga/home-movers-Tujunga.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Tujunga

  • movers/California/Universal-City/home-movers-Universal-City.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Universal City

  • movers/California/Valencia/home-movers-Valencia.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Valencia

  • movers/California/Valley-Village/home-movers-Valley-Village.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Valley Village

  • movers/California/Valyermo/home-movers-Valyermo.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Valyermo

  • movers/California/Van-Nuys/home-movers-Van-Nuys.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Van Nuys

  • movers/California/Venice/home-movers-Venice.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Venice

  • movers/California/Ventura/home-movers-Ventura.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Ventura

  • movers/California/Verdugo-City/home-movers-Verdugo-City.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Verdugo City

  • movers/California/Walnut/home-movers-Walnut.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Walnut

  • movers/California/West-Covina/home-movers-West-Covina.aspx'>

    Home Movers From West Covina

  • movers/California/West-Hills/home-movers-West-Hills.aspx'>

    Home Movers From West Hills

  • movers/California/West-Hollywood/home-movers-West-Hollywood.aspx'>

    Home Movers From West Hollywood

  • movers/California/Westlake-Village/home-movers-Westlake-Village.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Westlake Village

  • movers/California/Westminster/home-movers-Westminster.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Westminster

  • movers/California/Whittier/home-movers-Whittier.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Whittier

  • movers/California/Wilmington/home-movers-Wilmington.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Wilmington

  • movers/California/Winnetka/home-movers-Winnetka.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Winnetka

  • movers/California/Woodland-Hills/home-movers-Woodland-Hills.aspx'>

    Home Movers From Woodland Hills

*If you do you not see your city listed, please call us for availability.

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  • Move supervision by a personal project manager throughout the relocation process.

  • Avoid downtime with FlatRate office & commercial moving.

  • Disassembly and reassembly of employee workstations and cubicles.

  • Glass/Marble – Items that contain glass or marble up to 4-feet are cardboard crated.

  • Guaranteed pick-up and prompt long distance moving delivery

  • Corners– We use protection on corners in both your departing location, and your new home so nothing will get scuffed.

  • Hallways – Before moving items in and out of your home we apply protection to the walls to prevent any damage.

  • Expert handling of all office electronics and/or high-tech machinery.

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