Full Service Moving

Full Service Moving

The cost of full service moving depends on several factors. The distance to the destination, total weight of shipment, and amount of time required for packing and loading the shipment will all determine the final price. Full service movers also charge different prices for local and long-distance moves, so the final cost depends on your needs. Listed below are some things to keep in mind when hiring a full service moving company. Listed below are some of the key aspects to look for in a full service moving company.


As a full Service Moving company take care of everything, from packing your items to loading them onto the moving truck. It will also clean up the moving site and dispose of any packing materials. As a full service movers we will protect your possessions by using proper padding and packing materials and ensure that they arrive at their destination safely. We provide all the padding and furniture blankets for your items. You can even choose to get full service moving and leave the packing to the experts.

Whether you’re moving a small apartment or a large house, full-service moving includes the packing of your belongings. Small objects, such as toys and clothes, can be wrapped and placed in boxes. Larger items, like couches and beds, may be temporarily disassembled, but only to avoid damaging them during transit. As full-service movers, we take care of packing and loading, and will even unpack and reassemble larger items if necessary.


When you request our full service moving, the movers will do all the packing and loading for you, saving you countless hours of work. As a full service moving company we also offer crating, palletizing, custom wooden crating, and shipping. Our skilled experts will also pack and unload your possessions with the highest level of care. We will factor in time and distance when calculating costs for your full service moves. You’ll save time and money by avoiding these hassles!

While it’s true that full service movers will offer a full range of moving services, our primary focus is on the transportation of your belongings. Instead of hiring movers to handle all of these aspects individually, choose a moving company that specializes in packing, loading, and unpacking, like us!


Full-service moving services include loading and unloading of your goods. Rather than having to pack your items and then load and unload the truck yourself, the movers at The Moving and Storage Experts will unpack your belongings and acclimate you to your new home. It is important to factor in the time it will take for your belongings to be transported to your new home. The benefits of full-service moving include a lower cost and ease of mind during a stressful time.