Secured Warehouse Storage

Secured Warehouse Storage

While most public storage facilities are prime targets for thieves. Many interior lights do not work, and there have been numerous break-ins. These are your furniture and valuables, which is why we seal only your belongings in your vault. All of our vaults are top quality and secured in our secured warehouse. We also use multiple methods to track and confirm which vault belongs to you.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

When it comes to climate-controlled storage, the term “climate-controlled” isn’t always appropriate. Not all climate-controlled facilities offer heating or cooling. In fact, a climate-controlled storage facility may be set up to be cold in So Cal. We focus on keeping the temperature in our warehouse to range that furniture and your precious belongs.

One of the main benefits of climate-controlled public storage is that it can keep sensitive items protected from extreme temperature changes. In extreme heat or cold, the items will warp, split, and crack. This can damage important materials like fine art, books, and business records. Because the temperature is constant in climate-controlled storage units, the items are protected against the elements.

Storage Vaults

There are many reasons to use our secure storage vaults. If you’re remodeling your home, going on a long vacation, or building a new house, a vault is the perfect solution. You only get charged for the about of space you use, they are easy to access and can scale as you need more space. Vaults are also ideal for long-term storage. They offer added security and packing convenience.

Our storage vaults offers the peace of mind in our private facilities with our trained employees. You can expect climate control, better efficiency, and professional moving assistance. Storage vaults are typically less expensive than a public storage facility, and they provide you the right level of storage for what you need. Whether you need long-term storage, or occasional access, ask us about our storage vaults.

Efficiently Packed Storage

Organizing your things is very important. To me the most effective method we start from the back of the unit. This way, heavier items are at the back, which serves as a base for lighter items. Then, place the remaining items towards the front. A detailed inventory list of your belongings will make the tracking process easier for you.

We make sure that the boxes are well-stacked safely. We make sure that there are no empty spaces or holes. We do everything to prevent items from rubbing against one another. Use large, bold letters and be specific so when you are looking for items, they can be found easily.

Limited Warehouse Access

When it comes to storage, it is important to know the differences between public storage and limited warehouse access. Public storage is where a facility stores goods for others, while limited warehouse access allows you to access the storage area only if you are authorized to do so. For this reason, secure-limited warehouse access is preferred.